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COVID-19 and free tech support

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The COVID-19 pandemic is a very unfortunate thing to be happening to all of us worldwide. Many have now been told to work from home, or simply quarantined. This may be for two weeks or even longer, the duration is unclear at this time.

Working from home means using your tech to accomplish all kinds of tasks remotely, even meetings and conferences. If something was to go wrong and all non-essential stores are closed because of COVID-19, you may not be able to get your computer or devices fixed.

This is a reminder that - as always - Lunarsoft offers completely free tech support, and most of the work can be done remotely too! Software level items are much easier to diagnose, though a hardware level issue isn't quite as simple though may still be possible.

Do not hesitate to ask for help or assistance. These forums are monitored often daily. Should anyone need any help, ask! The Lunarsoft Wiki has numerous helpful articles and is always ready to be expanded to help further.


Thank you all for reading this, and please stay safe!

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