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AdGuard Home - blocks more than piHole


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I've had a Raspberry Pi for several years. I've had a few different programs on it. Eventually I put Home Assistant on before finding out that the Pi 3b+ was a bit too underpowered for what all I was doing with it.

On the Pi I did try Pihole. What I found interesting is that it would not block all ads on mobile devices. Certain games would still display ads. For example, I'm a Godzilla fan and enjoy playing Godzilla Battle Line. In it, you can watch ads to cycle new units to purchase or get maps for free units. With that said, Piholedid not stop these ads from showing.

That said, I still use Home Assistant but on one of my old computers.

In HA, I use AdGuard Home. AdGuard Home stops all of the aforementioned ads from ever showing.


There's an intuitive dashboard:


It allows you to block a lot of things. There are several filters you can enable to help.

Logs to show what was blocked and even tell you what filter list:


Plus, you can block services like Facebook, Tiktok, and more.



It's really useful and does an extremely good job.

Has anyone else tried it, or even tried Pihole? Love to hear about everyone's experiences.

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