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Wednesday March 22, 03:24 PM

Victorian faces Internet hacking charges

A 22-year-old Victorian man has been arrested over a series of attacks on Internet services.

The arrest is the result of an Australian High Tech Crime Centre investigation into the spread of an international computer virus.

The virus took down chatroom services and spread from Belgium to the United States, Singapore and Australia.

The man will be charged with using a telecommunications network with the intention of committing a serious offence.


Other reports that I've heard state that he was running his own bot farm from home. I tend to think there is some credence behind this as they showed a quick snapshot of his home on the news, and at my conservative estimate, it'll factor in the $500K+ bracket and the guy himself wouldn't be more than 30ish.

Who says there's no money in computer crime? :P

Cheers :)

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Eh... I don't see the point in harming a computer... the only thing that comes out of it is infamy and attention by the government. One is just plain annoying, and you can't eat infamy, can you?

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