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  1. Avast Software has released the fourth update to its Avast 2014 range of products with the unveiling of build number 9.0.2021 for Avast Free Antivirus 2014, Avast Internet Security 2014 and Avast Premier Security 2014. As with the previous few updates, R4 contains no new features, but does include several important security enhancements among other tweaks and optimizations that once again make it essential for existing users. Avast promises tighter security through improved process security, which is guarded by Avast’s self-defense component. Avast R4 also handles conditions for the Guest account better, increasing sensitivity to any incorrect user inputs that might compromise system security and tuning the import settings tool to prevent it from allowing users to bypass any protections. The program’s setup component also now supports resume functionality, which should make downloading smoother on systems where the connection is slow or frequently interrupted. On a related note, the install process now detects potentially critical problems post-install, such as missing administrator rights or insufficient disk space, alerting the user should functionality not be 100 percent. Paid-for editions also gain a new anti-spam library, which Avast promises should improve the accuracy of spam detection, while promotion popups can also be disabled (these remain mandatory in the free edition). The update is rounded off with a number of bug fixes, some through static code analysis, and others promising increased stability and better performance, with a particular focus on the network and engine components. Avast’s Free Antivirus 2014, Internet Security 2014 and Premier Security 2014 are all available for free and trial download now for PCs running Windows XP or later. Visit the Downloadcrew Software Store to purchase licenses at significant discounts -- for example, a single-PC, one-year license for Internet Security 2014 can be purchased for just $24.99, a saving of 50 per cent on the MSRP. Three-PC and two-year licenses of both Internet Security 2014 and Premier 2014 are also available. Source: Betanews View the full article
  2. Several extensions have been updated on the Lunarsoft Wiki. Including a WYSIWYG editor and a special code highlighter. Anti-spam features have been improved, including: Bad Behavior AbuseFilter AntiSpoof SpamBlacklist Better CAPTCHA User registrations had to be disabled due to the excessive amount of spam registrations. Now that anti-spam has improved significantly, in the coming weeks the wiki will be reopened for user registration.
  3. The Lunarsoft Forums have been upgraded to the latest version. In addition, the spam protection that we use has also been upgraded. Be sure to clear your cache so you'll get the updated files. There are new features available in this update of the forums and much more. The changelog will be posted when it's available. If you encounter any bugs please post them. What's New in 3.4 Please read these blog entries for a full list and explanation of what's new in this release. IP.SEO Removed (we have removed IP.SEO and merged all its functionality right into IP.Board!) Editor Improvements IPS Connect (please note that with the release of IPS Connect our old Converge product will no longer function) SEO Improvements VigLink Integration Best Answer Feature AdminCP Interface Enhancements Bulk Mail with Mandrill Miscellaneous Enhancements IPS CDN Service Anti-Spam Improvements
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