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  1. Is the new Avast Free/Home Edition still the recommended anti-virus? I ask as when you Compare products, Lets you safely browse suspicious websites or applications, isn't ticked; http://www.avast.com...s-download#tab3 But I thought that was the whole point of having a real-time anti-virus, that si it stops viruses getting into your system from any area. And whats the take on it having a real-time anti-spyware included? Is it good? If so, is there any need to have Windows Defender running? Whilst I'm here, am I right in saying that when installing Comodo, it should be firewall only, and no anti-virus? Then anti-virus should be Avast. I'd like to think as mentioned above that Avats would take care of both viruses and spyware. Cheers.
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