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Found 2 results

  1. I don't use any antivirus software myself because these days I use Linux, and even back when I used Windows I managed to get by without any antivirus software (not to be attempted by lusers, noobs and mortals) due to being computer literate and security conscious. However, I would like to know about antivirus software for when computer illiterate friends and relatives ask. It is difficult to pick antivirus software because there are many variables to take into account, such as detection rate, false positive rate, resource usage, price, etc. Commercial antivirus software are made to appeal to the broad masses of end-users, and on a subscription-bases business model the end-users needs to be reminded and hence the software is often very obtrusive and invasive, plastering itself all over the system; start menu, desktop, quicklaunch, quicksearch, toolbars, control panel, browser, extensions, everywhere. People like to know they're getting something for what they're paying, if the software stays out of the way and they don't notice it - they don't want to pay for it. Many antivirus companies are making an income based on fearmongering and seem about as shady as the people/companies writing malware. Antivirus software are often huge, bloated, slow, invasive, obtrusive resource hogs and sometimes ironically are more difficult to uninstall (get rid of) than viruses. With antivirus softare the cure is often worse than the disease. Many of the software suffer from the kitchen sink approach, where there are "security suits" that force upon me anti-malware, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, anti-keylogger, spamfilter, sandbox, intrustion-detection system, firewall, etc. Tons of stuff besides the antivirus that I never wanted or would like to get from another provider. The question seems not to be 'which antivirus software is the best?' but rather 'which antivirus software sucks the least?'.
  2. Is the new Avast Free/Home Edition still the recommended anti-virus? I ask as when you Compare products, Lets you safely browse suspicious websites or applications, isn't ticked; http://www.avast.com...s-download#tab3 But I thought that was the whole point of having a real-time anti-virus, that si it stops viruses getting into your system from any area. And whats the take on it having a real-time anti-spyware included? Is it good? If so, is there any need to have Windows Defender running? Whilst I'm here, am I right in saying that when installing Comodo, it should be firewall only, and no anti-virus? Then anti-virus should be Avast. I'd like to think as mentioned above that Avats would take care of both viruses and spyware. Cheers.
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