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Firefox 1.5 Beta 2

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Firefox 1.5 Beta 2, the second and final Beta release of the next generation Firefox browser, is now available for download . Those currently running Beta 1 are able to receive Beta 2 via auto-update.

Like Firefox 1.5 Beta 1, Beta 2 is being made available for the developer and testing community, with no end-user support provided. Normal users are urged to use the latest version of Firefox 1.0.

Nightly builds of 1.5 Beta 2 have been available since Oct 1. The most visible change in 1.5 Beta 2 is that the "Allow web sites to install software" checkbox is gone, replaced with a "Warn me when web sites try to install extensions or themes" checkbox, as shown in this screenshot:

This was intended to resolve Bug 288054 - Unchecking "Allow web sites to install software" causes software update to hang. The ability to disable software installation now becomes a hidden pref modified via the Configuration Console, which is accessed by typing about:config in the location bar.

Download: Mozilla Firefox Project page

Source: Mozilla

Changelog: Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Beta 2 Release Notes

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Just a tip, remember to post the source and if it's a software related news post - a link/links for downloading the software. :D

I would have made this front page news but there's no links for the source or for downloading Firefox 1.5 b2.

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The article has been updated. In the original, Mozilla Developer News was the source for the release date, and I gave a link to it. I had seen a link in the Mozillazine forums to a more recent article, but I couldn't find it when I was assembling my article. I since found it again, and changed the link. This link gives the exact time of the scheduled release.

I gave a link to the Mozillane forum post where I learned that the nightlies were Beta 2, as well. I could give a link to the nightly builds page, but I didn't think it was a good idea. Also, it would need a long explanation of the difference between Branch and Trunk builds, and how to tell which is which, and there are also Aviary builds, which are even harder to explain.

That Bugzilla link was the source for information about changes to the UI, but I learned the exact wording of the new pref by looking at it in my nightly build. So I added a screen shot of the new Options -> Content menu.

I couldn't provide a download link for the 1.5 Beta 2 release, because it hasn't happened yet. I'll get one as soon as it does. Should I put that in a new post, or just edit this one again?

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The post has been edited. Unfortunately, the Beta 2 release is still not available, but if you download and install Beta 1, it sends you to the Beta 2 Start Page, and there's a link to the Beta 2 release notes, which I plugged in to the post. Just have to change "will soon be" to "is now" and it's done.

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