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So... I have!


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64MB of RAM? Don't expect it to be very smooth. Unfortunately it may chug along. I recently had to work on a laptop that had 96MB of RAM and Windows 98 was very slow. Then again part of it could very well be due to the hard drive (I believe it had a 5400 RPM).

Maybe look into one of those 100-200 dollar computers for her?

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Well, since I'm upgradinhg and buying a new case and all I may just give her this one I'm using which is mine! lol. My PC right now is good but I want to upgrade to run Vista and all. I feel as my PC is old and time to upgrade. My new PC will be built by me and will cost $857.67! Not bad though...





Sound Card

Graphics Card

Hard Drive

Speaker System

LCD Monitor

CD/DVD Combo Drive

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I think Windows 98SE will run good to what I've been on. I remember my Grandpa having a P-II with 333mhz and 32MB of RAM before he upgrading to 128MB that is and it ran ok... I guess. At the time I didn't know much about computers but I still... remember taking it 10min. to load ^_^

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