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Hactivism group launches anonymous browser

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A group of computer hackers and human rights workers have launched a specially-crafted version of Firefox that claims to give users complete anonymity when they surf the Web.

Dubbed "Torpark" and based on a portable version of Firefox, the browser will run from a USB drive, so it leaves no installation tracks on the PC. It protects the user's privacy by encrypting all in- and outbound data, and also anonymizes the connection by passing all data through the TOR network, which masks the true IP address of the machine.

Link: -> Hactivision?


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Computer hackers and human rights workers?

I've heard of 'Torpark' before... the 'Tor' network was originally designed for the military, I think, and is very secure... but so many people running torrents and stuff through it that its super-slow.

Anyway, I wonder if a browser designed by 'hackers' is safe because they made it to hide themselves, or its just an insanely clever way of stealing data. :D

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