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Please add any and all sites that support the truth.

I'm currently looking for some good anti-defrag pages to link to. Pages I want to link to about defrag will hopefully fall under these guidelines:

* Doesn't say defrag is "useless" in XP, or on NTFS, or with fast drives, because it isn't useless

* (Optional) : doesn't mention myths that don't exist, like "NTFS doesn't get fragmented at all"

* Benchmarking data about the performance gain of NTFS versus FAT32 in general

* Benchmarking data about the performance gain from defragmenting FAT32

* Some data about the lack of performance gain from defragmenting NTFS

* Hopefully a mention about how some fragmentation is necessary

* Something that mentions that defragmenting often isn't going to kill your drive faster, but fragmentation itself would if you weren't defragmenting

So yeah, defrag is kind of a mixed bag. That's why it's hard to find the truth :P

(This should be a sticky in the general "Technical" forum, not under any given sub-forum)

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and i assume you are supoorting the defrag? i set up my registry to constantly defrag mine by switching a string value, its working pretty well. i just am unsure of the strain on my harddrive


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