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For the end of Holidays (Merry Christmas)...

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:love: Welcome!

COWON's Mp3 Players (In my opinion) are the best ever! No reported lock ups or system failures within the past 3 years on their products.

I'm very happy with this company and their progress on the developments of Firmware updates and so forth with updating their own Mp3 players with different models. I'm buying the iAudio T2 (Review) which can be located at there Main site.

After with my LAST and FIRST EVER Mp3 player I was mad. I had the Philip's 2GB* Jukebox and it froze up a ot (while browsing music and it would freeze while playing a song!) and for that I lost it. I spent darn good money and what do I get? a POS!!!

Anyways, I've done my good research and have finally found my place with trust. Don't think I even looked at Archos, iRiver, ScanDisk, Creative Labs, and others.


Tell us what your getting for X-Mas :fun: This is mainly what I'm getting besides clothes and just spending time with my GF and family and hers as well.

~Cheers ~ And Happy Holidays :love:


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