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Microsoft Zune


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I'm thinking about spending some of my xmas on a microsoft zune and i live in the uk so im thinking about ordering one from america and getting it sent over... have any of you guys god a zune and think its good or bad just give me some veiws on it..

Thanks in advance.

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My kids prefer iPods, I got my daughter an iPod nano pink for christmas, they have had all the other makes (they still have them in fact), but they always want an iPod in the end.

My eldest son is now talking about buying the iPod video, he just loves gadgets.

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Zune is Microsofts first media player.

Apple have had their iPod for many years and they have improved over many generations.

The Zune's Wi-Fi capability is useless, it cripples everything transfered with DRM and only lets you playback couple times or days.

It uses the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol), Microsoft's useless thing instead of using USB mass storage device class like good media players such as the iPod does.

Me too, I have only heard bad stuff about the Zune.

Go with an iPod instead. Personally, I would go for the iPod nano.

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