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Difference in Ram


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Hmmmm I'm confused a bit here. I mean if I wanted to search out everything about computers on the internet then I go to google.com, but since I TRUST most of the people in here to give me good advice then why is this "google" acceptable about Ram? I mean isn't a forum to cut through all that crap? And also to get MORE info quicker and better than searching it out on my own?

*hanging head* I looked on this topic cuz I wanted to know what ya'll thought about the RAM!

Before I became a member here I used google to the fullest. But made alot of stupid mistakes on my own out there too. That's why I came to YA'LL!

So What do ya'll think ? :P

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Hello, Could someone explain to me the difference in types of Ram, what I would be looking for to get the best Ram, and what is the "fastest" Ram. 

thank you.


OK, first off, I don't actually know about the differences in types of RAM. Secondly the best type of RAM you can buy is the type of RAM that is compatible with what you already have. Lastly the fastest RAM does not come into it unless you are building a system from scratch, or you are going to do away with all your current RAM and replace it all with new, the reason for this is RAM will always work at the speed of the slowest module that is already installed.

To find out what the best RAM is for your system go to http://www.crucial.com/.

Then use either the Crucial Memory Advisor™ Tool where you have to select the make, product type and then model of your computer, or use the Crucial System Scanner which downloads a little app to your computer that will work out what RAM is most suitable.

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