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Upgrading my PC-Or Replace it.


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I bought my computer 4 years ago, and am looking to build one in the next year or two, so am starting to do research on what exactly I need, and what is good.

I want to be able to play some higher end games, i do lots of word processing, use publisher, store a lot of music and movies and want to be able to burn them onto disks. I also want to hitch the pc to my tv to watch stuff on it-which i currently cant do.

I currently have a web camera and headset, printer, the speaker system, a lower end sound card, and an external harddrive (wd-7200 rpm, 250gb.).

I am torn between keeping this computer as a second to practice loading, uninstalling, formatting, and various programs, etc. without getting the other one "dirty", and canabalizing this one for parts to save on cash. If I canabalize, i will keep the external (which I will keep external), sound card, speakers, web cam and headset, and can use the keyboard, mouse and monitor, and printer. I also have a 40 gb hard drive in the current system, but its so small, i dont know if it is even worth it to keep in my new system.

I plan to spend about 3000 dollars Canadian (thats about 85 cents to the american dollar) so about the equivalent of 2500 american.

  1. Here is what I have established:

  2. I want a gb of ram. I need to know what is a high end type of ram, and what do you suggest for the fastest speed possible. If i canabalize, can i use the existing ram in a new system? I currently have a 256, and a 512 stick-PC2100 DDR SDRAM, gold alloy(I dont know what that all means).

  3. I can use this monitor, or get a new one, its not a huge issue. If I do purchase another one, should I get a flat/thin screen or not?

  4. I want to put two 250 hard drives in it-I need lots of room. What brand and what is the fastest type that you think I should purchase.

  5. I have need a case that will hold more stuff in it. Mine is currently too small and i need room for more stuff.

  6. dvd burner-i will need one, and dont know what types are good. what speed am i looking for for fast and reliable burning? As well, should I invest in an external one, and then use my current dvd player as my regular player to save on wear and tear on the burner?

  7. I am looking for a processor speed that will not need to be upgraded for a long time. I currently have a 2000 mhz (planar clock speed 400mhz) intel p4- but i see 3 and up processors. I believe that by the time i am ready, the 4000 mhz will be more affordable.

  8. Should I go with Pentium or AMD? I currently use a p4 and am happy, but most people i know use AMD. I am not brand loyal and up to trying something different. Suggestions?

  9. Graphics card. I currently have a nvidia geforce4 mx 420 (64mb)-very low end from what i understand. I would like to get a higher end (but not necessarily top of the line) card. What would be good? As well, should I get one with a tv tuner built in or not? I understand this will be an expensive item.

  10. TV hitch up. What all do I need to connect PC to tv? I want to watch movies an stuff on the tv.

  11. Motherboard. Hear the term, dont know the full story. What would I be looking for, and rough cost estimate. Upgradable?

  12. Cooling system. Suggestions? I dont even know what i have in mine now, but it has one fan and never feels hot.

  13. can i reuse the current floppy drive? should i bother?

  14. What else is involved, and what do i need?

I want speed. Lots of it. 2500 american to spend. I can build completely new, or canabalize-which i assume will get me a better system. Which do you suggest?

You guys rock. punk.gif

Oh, and space in my house is not an issue. As well, the computer is in a cool, dry place if that matters.

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Sorry that you did not get a reply originally, I hate to see any topic that gets no replies, unless it was an extremely stupid topic.

Considering you are not planning to build a computer for a year or two, it is going to be kind of hard to comment at the moment as technology changes so quick that we could only begin to guess at what would be available.

Also your current computer could possibly be nearly 6 years old by then, and it would probably not be wise to include any of the components in the new computer especially as you might want to play high end games.

A TFT screen is definately the screen to go for, I am still using a CRT and can't wait to ditch it.

The floppy drive is now pretty much defunct, but can have it's uses sometimes.

I personally would start from new, and keep the old one for mucking about on.

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I used to have a very old mac that was given to me, but never had time to really play with it, so I threw it away 2½ years ago when I moved house. One of the guys in work has a new mac laptop, I am hoping he will bring it in one day for me to try.

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thanks. i had thought about that whole windows vistas thing myself. if i wait for the bugs to work out, and the dual core processors to come down in price, maybe i can get something really groovy. punk.gif

so you would keep the old machine for playing with? i was kind of undecided on that. but i find that i want to experiment with programs and stuff, but i need my pc up and running on a regular basis, so i dont like to mess around in a huge way.

this is my first computer (well, not really, i had a commodore vic 20 about 25 years ago) and i spent 2000 originally, plus about 500 since then on additions (but lots of that can come over to a new pc), so after 4 years already assuming i keep it one more year, it works out to about 40 bucks a month it has cost me for my system.

hell, i spend more than that on my cell phone each month, so i think that it was money well spent. :hello:


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Consider a refurbished machine...EMachines are becoming more of a mainstay but you can get gateway also. AMD 64 processor is absolute and the latest P-4 w/HT technology is the most recent...

Here is a link to refurbished desktops with about a 50% price reduction over the new systems... www.tigerdirect.com..... Btw , I have a refurbished gateway and saved over 50% from a new one and it didn't have any scratches , problems or anything wrong with it. It was sent via UPS without a blimish on any of the components...Worth checking out... punk.gif

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I use to work for RPS(just like UPS). If you knew the volume of packages those people deal with you would understand. If they did the s*** right you would never get your package. So i think the solution is not to promise such quick shipping times. :shocking:

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