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Eudora going open-source


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Yeah, I know. I read about it a month or so, about when the press release came out.

Congratulations to Qualcomm. :happybday:

I've used Eudora, but it was forever ago, in school, it was installed on all computers and we all used it.

I remember I changed the "from:" address in the .ini file, to my classmate email address, and sent email to other students, and they thought he sent it, lol. :happybday:

But ever since I left that school, I haven't used or bothered with Eudora.

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I tried Eudora a few years back in my quest to ditch Outlook Express, but I gave up on it for some reason which has slipped my mind now, and reverted back to OE until I converted to TB.

There must of been something about it that I did not like.

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