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Hmmm, not sure whether that is what I was after, they repair computers. I was looking for somewhere for someone to buy one.

He is going to Orlando tomorrow, and is going to look for a laptop whilst he is there, (I don't know why he just doesn't buy one over here).

Btw, wasn't that the place where Dj works?

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Ah sorry, my mistake. :happybday:

I've always called to order my PC from Gateway. He has to know exactly what he wants, he could probably get one from Best Buy or Circuit City.

Yeah, Digital Doctors is where DjLizard works.

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He would not know where to start.

If he wants to do work on his electrics in his house, he asks me what he should buy. I have to take him to the wholesalers, where a salesman will show him all the ranges of whatever it is he is after. Then he still asks me what he should get, I just tell him it is his house, he has to decide.

I still think he might as well just buy a laptop over here and be done with it, that way I will be able to help him decide a lot more.

I bet I get a phone call from him during the next three weeks, whilst he is in Orlando, he is such a pita sometimes.

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