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Windows OneCare Beta


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Do you know others who are interested in trying out Windows OneCare? We are now at the point where we would like to expand our group of beta testers. We encourage you to extend Windows OneCare beta invitations to your friends and family. Just have them go to http://beta.microsoft.com/, sign in with their Microsoft® Passport Network credentials, type in OneCare (case sensitive) when prompted for the guest ID, and follow the instructions from there.

    Basically do this:
  1. Go to http://beta.microsoft.com
  2. Enter the GuestID of OneCare
  3. Wait for an email. :D
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I will second taruns comment that one care is a tortoise when it comes to system boot speedI was one of the first beta testers to try it as part of my job and it was better than pc care anotherutility of its type but still no where ggood enough for savvy pc geeks

I will recommend tuneup 2004 however and the soon to be released tuneup 2006


the newest version is in german and as yet there is no english derivative


for those of you who sprechen sie deutsch (speak german)

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