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Big Problem in Vista Windows Update


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Hi, do you anticipate a beta version of DAF for Vista?

I have spent the last two days trying to undo a problem in Windows Update.

First, I could not install a new update kb925902. I was getting a code of 80070002. After doing the fixes that MS recommend to clear SoftwareDistribution, I ran into a different situation. I was finally able to install the update manually but now Windows Update constantly tells me that I need to: "Restart your computer to install important updates".

No matter how many times that I restart the PC, I cannot get rid of this annoying situation and the popup windows telling me that I have to reboot. I also suspect that Windows Update will no longer pick up the new updates.

Does anyone here have experience with Vista? Does anyone know of a way that I can manually reset Windows Update so that it will stop asking for a restart??

I found out about DAF in my search to fix my issue. This sounds like very useful software.

Please consider a version for Vista.

Thank you


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We know that an update to Dial-a-fix is very much needed. There will be one in the future (near future we hope). The problem is that DjLizard has been extremely busy with his job, so he has little free time to do what he needs with DAF. The project is far from dead, it's just the time that it requires is not sufficient enough at this time. Though an update will be here soon.

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