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Taruns computer knowledge

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Hi Tarun, I was just curious.

You seem to know what you are talking about on pretty much everything computer related. I was wondering what formal education you have taken to learn about computers, and how much was from visiting forums, etc.?

As well, two things. How long have you been at it, and two, what would you suggest for someone to do to learn more about computers, software etc.? Specifically, is there an online school that you personally know about that offers courses that are not too technical for newbies?



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A lot of it has been self taught. When I first got the Internet I was interested in hacking of all things. It was fun to nuke people in chats using the port 139 exploit.

I've only taken a few classes that were computer related. Typing, HTML (already knew basic HTML), Microcomputer Operating Systems, QuickBASIC and Visual Basic (taught myself VB before they started teaching), C++ (yuck). Last semester I took PC Hardware and Troubleshooting. I was going to major in computer programming, but lost interest and am now going for a degree in End User Support.

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