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Download MSICUU:


Once you run it, try to find packages named in each one of those "Warnings" that say "MsiInstaller". You found one, which is "PDFMakerForIE". Use the aforementioned MSICUU to remove "PDFMakerForIE". Look through the other "Warnings" for other names, and use MSICUU to remove those, too. Then reinstall whatever application this is.

Hi and Thanks

I am trying to do what you say.

I downloaded the file you stated several days ago and ran it.

When running it - I might be doing something wrong.

It simply runs by itself - does not give me a chance to remove someting like the PDF

I am trying to remove all the adobe programs and that is giving me some problems

The remove programs in the control panel will not remove acrobat 7.09

I will keep trying things

Thanks to all of you

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