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computer completely crashed


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First of all I say Thank You for all those who have tried to assist me with all of my error messages.

But this morning my computer completely crashed and all I get now is that screen that shows Windows cannot load normally and it gives you all of the options.

None of the options work as everytime I reboot over and over I get the same screen. I even had to try a couple of times just to access the BIOS as I kept getting even a keyboard error.

This all happened after I got another error messages that I could not load devmgr.dll and I downloaded procmon.exe and cleaned out the prefetcher and temp files and rebooted.

Then everything went haywire.

The computer now just keeps rebooting over and over with the same Windows cannot load normally screen.

So I am just going to reformat and put on Windows ME at least I understand that operating system.

Thank you again to all who tried to be of assistance. I obviously have a corrupt registry.


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You may have a bigger problem than your Windows installation going bad. It's starting to sound like a motherboard problem and it should most likely go to a shop to get diagnosed and repaired.

However, if you feel it is not your motherboard; you can insert your Windows XP cd and do a repair install since loading the Last Known Good Configuration has failed. You'll be much better off with Windows XP than you would with Windows ME.

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