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Can I Retrieve Deleted Items


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I accidently deleted all my Kodak Easy Share photos to the recycle bin. The recycle bin has since been emptied - is there a way to retrieve them? I have downloaded Undelete Plus but can't seem to find all the photos as they were in folders. I think I have uploaded these folders to a flash drive then placed in documents but can't get them to open.

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You may still be able to retrieve the items you need. But you will need to use the hard drive as little as possible, no defragmenting, etc. The more you use it and the more time that has passed, the lesser your chances of data recovery will be.

Tools that can help you recover your lost data are:

Those should be able to help you recover your data. You will want to recover the data to your flash drive so it minimizes the data written to your hard drive, which will in turn increase the odds of data recovery.

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