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People are funny, and so is this video


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I went to my sisters house yesterday. Was watching TV when her husband came home from work.

He approach me and asks me "Hey, what Windows do you have?"

I reply "XP".

With a big smile on his face, he enthusiastically says "Hah! I have Vista!!" :):) as if he had just "owned" me.

Me calmly and totally unimpressed replies "Dude, Vista sucks".

After a moment of silence, he replies "Uhm... yeah, it sucks. My new computer is slower than my old one with XP".

That was quite funny. But I guess more funny for me who actually were there. :)

By the way, found a nice video (thanks to Digg). It's funny. :)

Edit, video removed from youtube, arghhhh.. found an alternative link though


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