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VideoLAN (VLC) media player 0.8.6e


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VLC (VideoLAN) is a multi-platform multimedia player. It can read DVDs, VCDs, MPEG, and DivX files and from a satellite card. It can also read a stream from a network sent by the VideoLAN Server or another source. The stream can be MPEG 2 TS in UDP or HTTP packets unicasted or multicasted on an IPv4 or IPv6 network.This is a bugfix release. VLC media player 0.8.6d and earlier versions suffer from security vulnerabilities in the Web interface, Subtitle demuxer, Real RTSP demuxer, SDL_image library and MP4 demuxer. Technical details are available in our advisories: SA-0801 and SA-0802. The usual collection of assorted changes and improvements can be found here. This release fully supports Mac OS X 10.3.9 once again. We strongly recommend all users to update to this new version.

Changes between 0.8.6d and 0.8.6e:

Various bugfixes:

  • Resume playback for viewing content over FTP
  • Fixed XShm detection with remote X11

Security updates:

  • Subtitle demuxers overflow (CVE-2007-6681)
  • HTTP listener format string injection (CVE-2007-6682)
  • Fixed buffer overflow in the SDL_image library (CVE-2006-4484)
  • Real RTSP overflows (CVE-2008-0225, CVE-2008-0295, CVE-2008-0296, VideoLAN-SA-0801)
  • Arbitrary memory overwrite in the MP4 demuxer (CORE-2008-0130, VideoLAN-SA-0802)

Audio filter:

  • Fixed DTS to S/PDIF converter

Audio output:

  • Fixed 5.1 audio on ALSA


  • Fixed some RTSP hanging and user/password passing through RTSP URLs

Stream output:

  • Fixed waiting for SPS/PPS problem in H.264 packetizer


  • Improved compatibility for creating H.264 video files playable on iPhones
  • Improved detection of optimal amount of threads for multi-threaded H.264 encoding on multi-cpu systems

    • Note that this is used when transcode threads is set to 0 (default)
    • Not supported on Windows (multiple threads require manual configuration)

Mac OS X Interface & Port:

  • Restored compatibility with Mac OS X 10.3.9
  • Corrected behavior of the Preferences panel
  • VLC no longer crashes on quit while playing


  • Updated Romanian and Polish translations

Download: VLC media player 0.8.6e | Other Versions

Link: Lunarsoft Frontpage

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