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http://xkcd.com/340/ -- Fight (love note... on the boot sector)

http://xkcd.com/341/ -- 1337: Part 1

http://xkcd.com/342/ -- 1337: Part 2 (train with Donald Knuth in his mountain hideaway)

http://xkcd.com/343/ -- 1337: Part 3

http://xkcd.com/344/ -- 1337: Part 4 (RMS to the rescue)

http://xkcd.com/345/ -- 1337: Part 5

http://xkcd.com/353/ -- Python

http://xkcd.com/208/ -- Regular Expressions

http://xkcd.com/225/ -- Open Source

http://xkcd.com/224/ -- Lisp

http://xkcd.com/91/ -- Pwned

http://xkcd.com/316/ -- Loud Sex (geeky revenge)

http://xkcd.com/278/ -- Black Hat Support

http://xkcd.com/350/ -- Network (you know normal people just have aquariums)

http://xkcd.com/256/ -- Online communities (map)

http://xkcd.com/234/ -- Escape Artist

http://xkcd.com/276/ -- Fixed width

http://xkcd.com/323/ -- Ballmer Peak

http://xkcd.com/129/ -- Content protection

http://xkcd.com/279/ -- Crappy pickup lines

http://xkcd.com/369/ -- Dangers (died in a blogging accident?)

http://xkcd.com/192/ -- Working at Google

http://xkcd.com/86/ -- Digital rights management

http://xkcd.com/309/ -- Shopping team

http://xkcd.com/189/ -- Exercising

http://xkcd.com/349/ -- Success

http://xkcd.com/305/ -- Rule 34

http://xkcd.com/272/ -- Linux user at Best Buy

http://xkcd.com/371/ -- Compiler complaint

http://xkcd.com/329/ -- Turing test

http://xkcd.com/376/ -- Bug

http://xkcd.com/215/ -- Letting go

http://xkcd.com/251/ -- CD tray fight

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