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Just an old lost user

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i was once a user here known as new_age but i have been gone and i lost myself with deep depression over the last year due... to a 2 year relationship but now i'm back and things are good. the relationship is still here in my heart and i couldn't be happier. i'm now apart of a BIG Community Forums over at iAudiophile.net. still in the computer world but over the past year i've been in the MP3 world for over a year and some months now. happy to be back though.

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i'm fine with the new one but thanks

Just something I omitted, but upon recovering your old username/account (for new age) I could easily change Furr to another name and change your old New Age to Furr. A bit harder to explain the process.

Basically. New_Age -> Old_Age. Furr -> New_Age. Old_Age -> Furr. Then reset password and run a task to update names and you'd have your old account and all your old posts. It's a lot easier than it looks/sounds.

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