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THE MOON on the side of the page

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WOW, I just now realized what the moon icon on the side of each topic is. *blushing* (Tarun, ya MUST get a blushing smiley on here)

That's sooooo cool! LMFAO I'm learning, I'm learning LOL

Now I don't have to scroll up and down and try to read every body's everything just to see if something has been answered or read :hello: *whew*

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Actually they're new.  They're also in the ranks and logo.


HEEHEEHEE Thanks Guys, cuz I blush alot in here it seems :hello:

But I'm learning

I still think ya outta get the chat room going, after reading all the boards, then I notice people still hang around in here, sooooooooooooo we could all yak a bit :D

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