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Process Explorer 11.13

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Process Explorer is much like the Task Manager found in Windows but far more comprehensive. Every process can be identified by signature verification. If you don't recognize a running process there is a feature to search for the process online through select search engines. There are options to highlight new objects, deleted objects (processes terminated), services, your running processes, packed images, jobs, relocated DLL files, and .NET processes all in their own customizable colors. Process Explorer is a very useful tool for looking at the running objects on your computer. There is also an option to replace the existing Task Manager with Process Explorer.

Download: Process Explorer 11.13

Homepage: Process Explorer

Link: Lunarsoft Frontpage

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G'day folks,

I highly recommend this as a replacement for your normal Windoze Task Manager. As Tarun pointed out it is way more comprehensive than the normal task manager and is actually very easy to use and understand, even for a computer numpty like me.... :hmm:

As pointed out, it is very easy to identify ALL the processes (and services) that are currently running on your PC. I have used it effectively to identify services that start up on boot and have switched them off with no detriment to the running of my machine. I used to have over 50 processess and services kick in on boot and have now reduced it to 43 with no lose of functionality, and by doing this have saved on RAM usage as a whole (in effect about a 23% reduction).

Cheers :D

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