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Pogo Browser by ATT coming soon


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Everyone please go an check this out this is awesome heres the link to sign up for invite to their beta http://www.pogobrowser.com/beta.php I already signed up this thing looks great. HERE IS MORE INFO ON THIS, AT&T and Vizible have partnered to create Pogo, an exciting new product that represents a leap forward in the Internet browsing experience!

Pogo's visual nature evolves the browsing experience from a text-centric interface to one that is highly visual, and therefore more intuitive, in line with the way people think and use the Internet. Pogo extends and enhances the existing browser feature set - browsing, search, history and bookmarking – providing a much more effective, and enjoyable, browsing experience.

Pogo's richly-graphical, three-dimensional environment creates a more engaging visual display so users can more easily navigate, collect and organize their content. Users can therefore “see” the Web, their way.

What's even better is that Pogo delivers power-user functionality for the everyday user, and because it's visual in nature, users will quickly learn how to use all of its extensive, integrated features and personalize it for their own use.

Pogo is the product of two companies – AT&T and Vizible – committed to making the browsing experience a more intuitive one, by making it more visual. The starting point is visual browsing, but it is the Pogo beta community that will provide us with the critical feedback we need to define how Pogo evolves over time.

Vizible's visual-based technology - revealed in Pogo through the Vizible Player – is the driving force behind what enables Pogo to create a better browsing experience.

Pogo is a great example of how Vizible's technology is powering immersive ways to engage the web.

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