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Comodo Firewall Pro

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Comodo Firewall Pro is an excellent firewall that will protect you on multiple levels. Featuring multi-layered protection to keep your computer safe. You get both a firewall and Comodo's Defense+ to help stop keyloggers and more. The Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) protects your critical operating system files and block viruses and malware before they ever get the chance to run on your computer.

Comodo Firewall Pro features an easy to use, intuitive user interface to find the protection you need. With Comodo you can customize the rules and enhance your computers security. The alerts let you know the level of security risk, informing you if suspected malware is attempting to access the Internet. Friendly warnings help guide all users, from beginners to professionals. To help new users the wizard-based detection of trusted zones helps to configure rules for programs and networks. Comodo Firewall Pro has all of the features and quality of a pay firewall, distributed for free for users.


  • NEW! COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar built on COMODO Memory Firewall technology
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not add files from network shares to pending list
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not log incoming ICMP packets properly
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall blocks everything when password protection is OFF and suppress options are ON
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not terminate active connections properly
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall firewall driver can not be installed properly in Vista operating systems
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall can be terminated when Windows XP is being shutdown
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall GUI does not appear properly on Windows Vista operating systems
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall GUI can truncate texts in 120 DPI
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not handle long filename properly
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall does not update the version correctly after being updated
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall crashes on exit
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall can cause BSODs when gameprotect rootkit triggers its self defense
  • FIXED! COMODO Firewall can not verify digital signatures
  • FIXED! Small problems in GUI
  • IMPROVED! Clean PC Mode and Safe Mode: Improvements that lead to small number of alerts and pending files
  • IMPROVED! Default Security policy so that Windows Updates do not lead to significant alerts

Downloads: Comodo Firewall Pro 32-bit (18.0MB, *.exe) | Comodo Firewall Pro 64-bit (28.2MB, *.exe)

Changes: What's New with 3.0

Screenshots: The New Comodo

Homepage: Comodo Firewall Pro

Link: Lunarsoft

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A router that has a firewall integrated isn't meant to be used as a hardware firewall. You're best having a hardware firewall standalone.

You can have a software firewall depending on your needs. I only have mine to monitor and control what applications connect to the Internet. Especially since I work with malware in a VM enviroment, it's a bit of extra safety if you know what I mean.

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