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Greetings from Seattle

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Just discovered this site today while looking for JavaRa. Looks like a site to add to my bookmarks. I am currently using a laptop with Vista. I plan to build a desk top soon, and am considering Linux as the OS. I was thinking Fedora, but have heard Ubuntu mentioned a lot lately. Any feedback?

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Welcome to Lunarsoft, Polkadot!

JavaRa is one excellent application and does a great job :)

As far as Ubuntu is concerned, it's a nice free alternative OS but it can be very hard to find replacements for what you use on a day to day basis on Windows. I really like open source applications, but sometimes they cannot add up as far as quality is concerned if they try to port things over. I had a few issues when I tried to set up a home server using Ubuntu, since the wireless drivers are horrible (refused to connect to any networks, despite the proper credentials. Your experience may vary. :)

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