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Monkey Proof

TrendMicro 30 day trial

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i loaded tis program and was pleased with. has a lot of options and seems to be detailed in what it does. also gived detailed info on scan results.



Yes, they're very reliable and worth having the program. I used to have the Internet Security Suite 2005, however my subscription elasped and I didn't want to renew it as the 2006 version is about to hit.

So, in the meantime I've followed Tarun's advice and installed EzTrust AV. One thing I like about Ez is that it has lower mem usage than TrendMicro did, but not all the functionalities, ie; TrendMicro Suite comes with an built in firewall, but I'm not to worried about not having a software firewall as I have a NAT router connected which should keep me safe from external attacks and I keep a strict eye and run all scans on everything I download, so internally I should also be safe..... fingers crossed.

All in all, Trend Micro is worth having and should serve you well.

Cheers :angry:

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