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Internet Explorer 8 due later this year

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Quick update from Microsoft’s Financial Analyst Meeting (FAM): Microsoft Senior Vice President of Online Services and Windows, Bill Veghte, just told attendees that Microsoft will release the final version of Internet Explorer 8 to the Web "later this year."Microsoft has tried its best not to provide a ship target for IE 8 — like most of its Windows client family of products. Company officials did acknowledge last month that a second public beta of IE 8 is due out in August.

Microsoft has been warning Web developers to prep for IE 8, which will be more standards-compliant, to prepare now for IE 8 by adding a new tag to their sites to keep them from breaking when viewed with IE 8.

Source: ZDNet.com

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It is good that IE8 is coming. Hopefully it will make the web a better place.

Because previous versions of Internet Explorer did not render pages properly according to webstandards. I heard that IE8 will comply with webstandards, this is great because lots of people still use IE instead of Firefox, so it will make it easier for web developers to code clean pages without having to worry about all people who use IE.

Of course, I'll stick to Firefox though. :yay:

But I still think its great that IE8 will come, since it supposedly will follow standards this time.

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