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Your Favorite Comic Book Hero


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I don't like Superman because he is a wimp. He is all family-friendly like if he was a Disney cartoon. He saves old grannies and puppies from burning houses and stuff.

He run with that dumb girl Lois and they have a crush on each other or something, its so dumb. It is like the Bold and the Beautiful or something. Superman are for wimps and hes a looser.

I like Batman more, hes more dark and scary. I don't like Batman in the old Batman in the movies from the 70's when he wear his underwear outside his pants (like that idiot Superman) and has his queer sidekick Robin (which sucks) with him. But I like the new Batman when he has his cape and beats up the crooks. Batman is more violent and tough. I like that. Robin is a faggot kid, and Superman is a wimp.

I also like the character Spawn because he is really bad a**. Though the Spawn universe and setting really sucks, because they involved too much religious themes from real-life instead of creating a fictional world. Lots of stuff borrowed from Christianity.

Spiderman is pretty cool. I like Peter, hes a clever student interested in science. It is also pretty good with lots of personal troubles and issues that he has to face and go through.

Lots of comics really sucks though because many superheros were deliberated created by their author just to push a specific personal agenda, example there are some gay and transsexual superheros.

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_characters_in_comics

Also if you look at the female superheros they were either created by some dumb horny nerd guy (lots of female superheros have enormous boobs and dress like sluts), or they were created because the executives and people in charge wanted to appeal to new audiences to get more viewers, so they created crap like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Spidergirl, Batgirl, etc.

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well i am way older then you are i had quite a few of all the early action and superman comic books. from the 50's and 60's. and back then the books were books not just a couple of pages they had really good stories. also the marvel comics just came out i had all the first Thing and Fantastic Four, Iron Man when he had old cumbersome outfit before he updated his look THOR AND HULK AND SPIDERMAN they were better back then now their content the comic book lacks substance to their storyline all of it is art which is high quality and terrific but regarding storyline lets just say all the geat writers except for Stan Lee are long gone.

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