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File Size: 1.8MB

License: Freeware

Requirements: Windows (All)

Home Page: http://www.freerip.com/

The latest version of the program features some long overdue enhancements. Chief among them is the inclusion of the WMA format, and it's hard to believe it wasn't included before. FreeRip also supports WAV, MP3, Vorbis, and FLAC. Other features include multitrack ripping and an option to use the program as an audio-file converter. The options menu is extensive and will appeal to any advanced user, since it makes most manners of customization a cinch.


Is a Windows applicationthat lets you extract audio CD tracks and save them to Wav, MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis or FLAC audio files (this process is known as ripping). FreeRIP is also a audio file and MP3 converter and it can convert audio files from one of the named formats to another. E.G. FreeRIP can convert a WAV file to MP3 or a FLAC file to MP3, or an MP3 file to WAV and so on.


Your CD audio collection to digital audio files is a breeze with FreeRIP: download and install FreeRIP, put your audio CD into your computer's CD drive, run FreeRIP and click on the Rip button.

Once you have your digital audio tracks in your preferred format, just move them onto an audio player (e.g. a portable MP3 player such as an Apple iPod™, Creative Zen Player™ or Sony Walkman™), an advanced mobile phone, or burn them to a CD to listen in your car, stereo or Discman™.

With FreeRIP you can save tracks as CD quality WAV files or encode them to a lossy (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA) or lossless (FLAC) audio format.

FreeRIP is also an advanced MP3 audio file tag editor (supporting ID3 v1 and v2) and includes shortcuts to find track info (like lyrics or complete title) on the web, with just one click.

FreeRIP is distributed in two versions, FreeRIP Basic which is totally free and FreeRIP Pro which requires a paid license key and offers more features and options.

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