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[Suggestions] war59312's ideas

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1.) Disable the "Download" button until at least one application is selected. After all you can not "Download" anything if you did not choose any applications. Duh!

2.) Please show download speed (perhaps text to download percentage).

3.) When a download fails you get "Unable to connect to the remote server" and then "Download aborted".

Not a very helpful error. Why not tell the user which one has failed? And perhaps ask user if user wishes to continue anyways.

Thus, it should be treated as a "warning" not an "error".

4.) Why download something if it has not changed since last download?

Perhaps perform a simple MD5 check and if file has not changed do not download.

So perhaps make it optional. Perhaps an option of "Only Download New Files". Something like that...

When done tell user which files where not downloaded since they where not new.

5.) Downloading the files is nice, but a scheduler would be of more helpful.

Also, would be nice if you could start installing the applications directly via the GUI some how.

Perhaps right click on an entry and "Install". While your at it, how about have "Remove", "Rename", etc. too.

6.) Stop calling home ( or at least make "Check for Updates" optional.

I assume that is what it's doing?

Non-authoritative answer:

Name: lunarsoft.net


Oh my, a nasty experience if you don't let it call home via firewall.

Another "Unable to connect to the remote server" error and then it attempts to crash with "InvalidArgument=Value of '3' is not valid for 'SelectedIndex'.

Parameter name: SelectedIndex".

7.) Save user settings (which package is selected for example and of course remember "Custom") either via registry if using installer or via a ini file if using zip package.

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  • Administrator

I apologize for the delay in replying. There has been much work going into the Anti-Malware Toolkit. I'll address each of your items here.

  1. There's no need to and it would add redundant code. The download button does nothing if no items are selected.
  2. This has been considered and is unfortunately a very complicated idea. I'll definitely look into adding it though.
  3. The error handling code has been improved with the release of 1.04.138. Thanks for reporting this.
  4. Unfortunately MD5 checking would be extra work for the application. Items in the download folder are overwritten at this time. It may also require the program listing to hold always up to date MD5 hashes which in my opinion is more work than it's worth and I do not see this being a beneficial change.
  5. I'll look into adding a right click/install feature, the others may come at a later time.
  6. This behavior will not change. The program list loads from a centralized location in order to be sure that everyone has the most up-to-date program listings.
    The "nasty experience" is a bug that has been fixed with the release of 1.04.138.
  7. Saving settings has been planned and will come at a later date.
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