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Paint and Wordpad get new UI and functionality in Windows 7


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Yes, both Paint and WordPad have finally received the royal treatment. Via permission given to me to remotely access build 6780 to play around a bit, Paint and WordPad both look great and have much-needed updates. I've got to work within the permissions granted to me by my source and unfortunately, screenshots don't fall within those permissions (yet), so you all will still have to wait to actually see this stuff. (Don't worry, there is a LOT of chatter about this build going around by people who have it.

I can't help but think the next week or two will be quite fruitful for the community in terms of information, screenshots, and perhaps the build even leaking if someone is brazen enough. Just beware the wrath of Sinofsky if any of you dare the latter of the aforementioned choices...) Something I have been given the liberty to do is give a very broad teaser explanation of Paint and WordPad in their current 6780 state, so here goes.

Screenshot: Windows 7 MS Paint

Source: UX Evangelist

Link: Lunarsoft

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I never realled cared for WordPad, its not something that I used.

But Paint, I loved that. It is a very nice and simple application. It doesn't have all that cool effects and added complexity, but it was simple, quick and straight-forward, I liked it.

I just looked at the screenshot, and it doesn't seem to have so good usability. Looks a bit confusing. I don't know, but I don't think I like it. I prefer the good old paint in Windows XP.

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