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ZoneAlarm - Latest release


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Ohhhhhhhhhhh K, cuz my zonealarm went down again, I mean it wants me to buy it. I've downloaded it 3 times to get rid of the nag screen, but tired of doing it so often. So I just put on my windows firewall, and running etrust. IS that ok? I got rid of AVG remember?


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Here is a screen shot, I know it says PRO but I know I downloaded the FREE one, *pout* GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

The thing with the windows firewall is that its weak and dosent monitor outbound traffic. I have heard reports that some viruses actually have been able to disable the windows firewall.

But doesn't etrust take care of this or is that just the spyware stuff?


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Ok I just went to download Outpost and it says that the firewall on Zonealarm was found. What the -----------? Before it told me that it wasn't running unless I buy it, and the PC told me that I needed to set Windows firewall up, so I turned it on. I'm just so confused now.

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That figures! :eyeroll:

Ok, now the Outpost is telling me that they have determined that the version I'm using is out of date. To install the NEW 30 day trial version of Outpost firewall pro click next. I don't want this right? I can now click NEXT, Settings or cancel

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