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RPC errors


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I don't know if Dial-a-fix fixes any RPC errors.

But I think that perhaps you should look into RPC errors to see if it can fix some of those if possible.

Because RPC errors are the worst and most annoying errors there is. When RPC don't work, then nothing works, and you cant access the Internet and that just makes it all harder to fix.

Worst errors is when System Restore, RPC, Network/Internet does not work.

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It depends on what you mean by "RPC".

A) If you mean the actual "Remote Procedure Call" service, there is almost nothing Dial-a-fix can do to solve that, as it is a core service. Pretty much nothing works if the RPC service won't start. Windows wants to restart automatically whenever the Remote Procedure Call service fails. There aren't any known "fix-all" solutions for the RPC service like there are for Windows Update, etc.

B) If you mean the generic error "The RPC server is unavailable", this is actually not in reference to the aforementioned "Remote Procedure Call" service. This generic error actually means that a process tried to communicate with a service that is unavailable (i.e., talked to a "Disabled" service as if it wasn't, without trying to check that it is running first). Generic errors like these would be fixed on a case-by-case basis since anything can cause this to happen to any other thing.

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