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a game for your name

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ok you have to do this funny as hell

post what you get

i got

i turned a pimp for a cherry flavored condom

take the first letter in your first name:

A-i f*cked

B-i have

C-i need

D-i sucked

E-i gave head too

F-i got wet n wild

G-i tasted

H-i played

I-i swallowed down

J-i blew

K-i got down and dirty with

L-i loved

M-i hated

N-i was desperate

O-i ordered

P-i partied with

Q-i had a quicky with

R-i got rowdy with

S-i sold

T-i turned on

U-i i gave birth to

V-i stripped for

W-i stripped for

X-i gave hand to

Y-i aroused

take the first letter in your last name:

A-a hobo

B-a male stripper

C-a cat

D-a pencil

E-a naked statue

F-a fire fighter

G-a goat

H-a milf

I-a bastard

J-a male prostitute

K-a clock

L-a adult toy

M-a louise vuitton bag

N-a whore

O-a dilf

P-a pimp

Q-a quarter

R-a porn star

S-a slut

T-a nerd

U-a stuffed animal

V-a b***h

W-a ugly fat kid

X-a cheerleader

Y-a gay guy

Z-a pyromaniac

now take your middle initial(if you have no middle name, take the first letter of your mothers maiden name)

A-and enjoyed it

B-for a one nightstand

C-for money

D-so i could hook up with a jock

E-and i banged after

F-with a water bra

G-for a cherry flavored condom

H-so i could get a nse job

I-for a vacation

J-for birth control

K-for a shopping spree

L-so people would talk to me

M-and it was hot

N-so i could get butt implants

O-for sex

P-soi could go around naked

Q-all for lust

R-just for the attention

S-for love

T-so i could be sexy

U-all for a fat kid

V-and i hated it

W-all for pleasure

X-so i could get a booby job

Y-for lube

Z-all for a hot guy


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