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problems veiwing page on windows 98se


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When I boot up the page displays way larger than the screen, leaving me to have to scroll up and down Over from side to side to see the whole page. Need to know what to do to make the page fit into the screen. Oh one more question is it possible to do a system restore on windows 98 se?

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Wow, Windows 98!

That is over 10 years old now!

Windows 98 were based on the 9x kernel, which were crap. The kernel architecture were crap. It is a unstable and poorly designed operating system.

How old is your computer?

Though maybe your operating system is so old, all these new spyware and viruses wont work on it, haha. ;)

If you have a modern computer, you should definitely upgrade your operating system to something more modern, something use the NT kernel which is a pretty good kernel. Such as Windows XP with SP3.

Windows 98 is EOL (End-of-life) and not supported by Microsoft anymore, since July 2006. So you wont get any more updates. The operating system does not support Unicode, and other nice features. Many modern applications will not work, such as Mozilla Firefox 3.

Though, I have to give you some respect for using (what I presume to) an old computer.

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