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Google unveils customised search


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Google has unveiled a tool that will allow users to customise and refine their search queries.

The company's SearchWiki lets users re-order, remove or add specific web search results.

This means the next time they perform the same search, the personalised version will pop up.

"I would call this revolutionary. It's a huge step, not a baby step in the world of search," Google's product manager, Cedric Dupont, told the BBC.

Google unveils customised search

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Think it might be old.

I used Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) many months ago.

* http://www.google.com/coop/cse/

I make refinement such as.

Find files in directory index of web servers.

+"Index of /" +" Server at " +Port +"Last modified" intitle:"Index of /"
Search for torrent downloads. ;)
Search for files on FTP servers. (Google don't provide any way to look for protocol handlers, so i cant do ftp://)
site:ftp.* OR site:ftp.*.* -inurl:www
If you want to filter crap spam results, you can use.
-blog -lyrics -casino -poker -warez -keygen -soccer -football

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