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Vistapack 2.6


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Vistapack 2.6

File Size: 17.6 MB

License: Freeware

Operating System: WindowsXP SP 3

Developer: Damian666

HomePage: http://vistapack.org/

Screenshot: http://vistapack.org/screens.php

Download: http://www.majorgeeks.com/Vistapack_d5846.html

* Please note Download file not available at HomePage

Vistapack takes the file from the host, backs it up, modifies a sample and puts the modified file back in the system.

This ensures that you are using the latest files so no need for alerts like "Now I am using an old file, what if it's updated by Microsoft? Then I will be open for attack...". Nope, no need to worry. You keep the updated file.

The pack uses ResHacker to change icons, bitmaps and some dialogs, to make it look like the new Microsoft Windows Vista!

It has some other advantages. Like the Reloader. This little sub-program, runs on Windows start and checks if any files are changed. This can happen if you got a update from Microsoft, or have visited the Windows Update site. When it spots a changed file, it will "Reload" that file with the Vista resources again. So on your next reboot, that file is Vista style again. Good way of keeping your system in the Vista look and feel.

Currently, there are about 240 separate files that get modified by this pack, and I believe its one of the most extensive ones out there. The pack comes with some nice extra's, like 32bit icon support on Windows 2000!! Vista sound and cursor schemes, custom boot screen, and its own wallpaper.

Of course, when you don't like it, you can uninstall the pack like any other software.

ChangeLog Vistapack 2.6

*Changed the icon overlay icon, made smaller

*Changed some icons in the wmploc.dll,

*Changed the explorer flag bmp

*Fixed a huge bug which caused a IE7 update to install

time and time again...

*Fixed the error with uxtheme on sp2, wont be patched.

*Fixed the bmp in the hdd wizard...

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