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DriveSentry 3.1 Test Review

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From Matthew Rizos at http://remove-malware.com/

DriveSentry 3.1 Test Review, Ths is a HIPS based Application

Posted by malwarekilla

December 13, 2008

Last night I reviewed one of my favorite applications...DriveSentry 3.1

DriveSentry is a FREE (yes, free) HIPS based application and uses what they call "TRI-Security Malware Protection" which is basically:

Whitelisting - A list of 40,000 + known safe applications. Since these applications are already proven safe the user is spared the question..."is this application safe to run".

Blacklisting - A signature database of over 2 million malicious applications.

Behavior Analysis - Allows drive sentry to question and stop processes that appear to modify the operating system in a malicious manner.

So far DriveSentry has blocked every single threat (about 20 now) with complete ease (and I mean ease...just click the deny button). DriveSentry uses about 19 MB of RAM and no noticeable processor time (on my pc).

So are there any downsides? Yes, there are. DriveSentry asks a fair amount of "is this safe to run" type questions. Of course this is no big deal to me, but to a novice this can negate the power of this awesome application with one wrong answer.

Video of Test of DriveSentry 3.1 Review , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5Bu7PskAnI

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