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Xfire 1.102


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Xfire 1.102

File Size: 5.60 MB

License: Freeware

Operating Systems: Windows All

HomePage: http://www.xfire.com/

Game Support: http://www.xfire.com/games/ ( Over 1000 Games Supported )

Xfire is a free utility that automatically keeps track of when and where gamers are playing PC games online and lets their friends join them easily.

It works regardless of game type, server browser, or gaming service that a player is using. Xfire eliminates the hassles of running multiple programs like IRC, instant messengers, or in-game friends lists to keep track of when and where a gamer's friends are playing.

It supports the best and the latest online PC games including server- and non-server-based First Person Shooters, Real Time Strategy, and Role Playing Games.


* Xfire keeps track of when and where your friends are playing PC games online and lets you join them easily

*Xfire provides a powerful server browser

*Xfire allows you to IM with your friends from within games while you play

*Xfire provides a powerful file download system

*Xfire provides built-in stats tracking

*Xfire provides miniprofiles

*See when your friends are online, what game they're playing, and what server they're on

*Join in on their games with one click

* See what the friends of your friends are playing

Release Notes for 1.102

*Long-time users running the Xfire skin will be switched to the Shadow skin, in the old-colors Xfire theme, during this update. You may switch back if you so choose.

*Added the ability to change sounds through sound packs, which are zip files containing .wav files.

*Improved server information for Call of Duty: World at War.

*The Xfire In-Game web browser is now available in *beta* quality in Guild Wars, Dawn of War: Soulstorm, and Unreal Tournament 2004.

*Live Video broadcasts now let you chat with the broadcaster directly from the broadcast web page.

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