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GB-PVR 1.3.7 (Personal Video Recorder}


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GB-PVR 1.3.7 (Personal Video Recorder}

File Size: 14.2 MB

License: Freeware

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows 2000 ( If you're running Windows 2000, you'll also need to install MDAC2.6 (or higher).

Reguirements: Microsoft .Net Framework v2.0 runtime ( installed minimum ) Net Framework v 3.5 recommended and have a TV Tuner Card..

HomePage: http://www.gbpvr.com/

gbpvr wiki: http://www.gbpvr.com/pmwiki/

GB-PVR is a mature, robust, full-featured Personal Video Recorder (PVR) or Media Center which runs on Microsoft Windows. It's main function is scheduling tv recording and watching live tv, but it also playback of a wide variety of media types across music, videos and photos. The application is made even more useful with a wide range of plugins available, providing features like weather, music jukeboxes, netflix etc

GB-PVR supports the latest technologies, including ATSC/ClearQAM/DVB-C/DVB-T/DVB-S capture devices, high definition MPEG2 and H.264 television channels, media extenders (Popcorn Hour, Hauppauge MediaMVP etc), multidec support, multi-record (recording multiple digital channels with one tuner), etc

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