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Pulled XBox360 commerical


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Ya know there was a Grandmother here in Dallas area that bought an Xbox for her Grandson, spent her whole paycheck and a teen met her at her car in the parking lot and held a gun to her head until she gave him the Xbox. Now that's just wrong!!!!

Poor Granny, and now she's gotta face the lil Grandson at Christmas time. Course the store was sold out.

We use to play cops and robbers all the time too, but mostly back then, Cowboys and Indians and I didn't live in Texas back then. LOL Anyway, I didn't grow up to be a weirdo on a killing and stealing spree. What up with kids now a days? HUH?

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Thats pretty awsome, it makes sense though, if youve seen the other marketing commercials for the 360. Huge city wide balloon fights, park wide jump rope involvment, and now an intense matrix gunfight :lol: (thats what the first part reminded me of). The real question is, do you think that the fight was scripted or they just threw in a whole bunch of people and said "have fun"?

well, thinking about it, i guess the gunfight would have to be scripted, because then you would see people shooting each other and not dieing because they didnt notice..... must have taken a S*** load of time to plan all that out.


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