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Menu Inventor 1.1


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Menu Inventor 1.1

File Size: 1.4MB

License: Open Source

Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP

HomePage and Screenshots: http://micron.me.uk/menuinventor

Skins: http://micron.me.uk/mi/skins

Menu Inventor is a free menu manager . If you are tired of the simplistic Windows Start Menu and are Looking for a better alternative, Then this program will breath new life into it and solve that issue. Itis both fast, organized and packed with features that will enhance the look and feel of your start menu. Nothing is perfect the first time, so Menu Inventor is rigged with on-the-fly editing tools, that allow you to customize, re-invent and polish your menu to perfection. Any time you want.


Access anything

Launch applications, open files by their associated programs, open folders and browse websites.

Mouse & Keyboard navigation

You can use your keyboard to navigate - use arrows to cruise the menu structure and pressing letters will take you directly to the menu item your want.

On-the-fly editing tools

Cut, Copy, Paste, Move, Edit & Insert whenever you want. Menu Inventor allows you to directly edit your menu as you use it.

75+ icons

Menu Inventor comes shipped with more than 75 crystal clear icons. Give your menu a unique look!

Select any icon

Don't like icons that Menu Inventor offers you? Rip them straight from the application or pick any one you want.

Special menu items

These allow you to add separators, headers or even items that will turn off your computer to your menu.

Completely Free

Menu Inventor is free, which doesn't only mean it is free of charge, but free as in freedom as well. You can download the sources and customize it freely* to your tastes

Drag and Drop

Finally, this almost basic feature of any proper application is now finally implemented!

Modifier improvements

Modifier is an important component of Menu Inventor. It has been severely improved to bring you more comfort.

Bulk Adding

Now you can add files in large using two different methods: from clipboard and from a folder. Simply and quickly!


Menu Inventor can now change its skin! Just pick one shipped with the download or check the skin page.

New Edit tools

You now Cut, Copy, Paste. Please meet Prune, Climb, Burst and Slice.

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