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Spicebird Beta 0.7


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Spicebird Beta 0.7

License: Open Source

File Size:10.0MB

HomePage: http://www.spicebird.com/

Screenshots: http://www.spicebird.com/category/image-ga...-07-screenshots

Detailed Release Notes: http://www.spicebird.com/spicebird/0.7/releasenotes

Spicebird is an free and open source collaboration client from Synovel.

It simplifies communication for users by providing integrated access to the various tools of collaboration in a single application.

It provides easy access to various Web services while users can retain all the advantages of a desktop application.

Spicebird provides e-mail, calendaring and instant messaging with intuitive integration and unlimited extensibility.

Spicebird lets users access e-mail from their POP/IMAP providers, manage their schedules using calendar and tasks apps, subscribe to other users' calendars, and read news/blog via RSS.

This release of Spicebird adds the following functionality:

*Chat with friends on services like Yahoo, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ and Jabber

*Add iGoogle Gadgets to Spicebird ( http://www.google.com/ig )

*Disable the applications that are unused

*Access Google calendar

*Experimental support for managing blogs

*Available in more than 10 languages

*Basic set of add-ons ( http://addons.spicebird.org/en-US/spicebird/ )

-Calendar Features

-Calendar Providers

-Contacts Features

-Developer Tools

-Home Applets

-Message Reading

-News Reading

-Privacy and Security

-User Interface

*Import data from Thunderbird, Outlook and Outlook Express

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