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cwshredder 2.19

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Just in case anyone doesn't know there is a new version of cwshredder, 2.19

Okay Tarun, you win !! Just read ccleaner post.

Cannot keep up with everthing.!!!

P.S. I keep missing your front page headline. Perhaps you could think of a way to attract attention to lastest headline??

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The user menu to the right is something I notice straight away on the forum homepage. I don't know if it's the colours or the way it's set out... I notice it.

The lists on the left, forums, downloads etc...I notice.

The bit in the middle needs a little something to make it more noticable. Whether it colours or fonts, lines or what I'm not sure.

Just my opinion Tarun, it may not make any difference to other members.

Overall, it's a good, informative page, not many others have anything like it. :lol:

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